Our Lady of Lourdes

and St Peter Chanel

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The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) assists the Parish Priest in the running and development of the parish. 

The Council comprises three groups:

Ex officio members

Appointments by the President

10 members elected by the parish (5 elected annually to serve for two years)

Ex officio Members:

Fr Des Hanrahan S.M., (President)

Bro. John McAllister

President's Appointments

Gwen Carruthers (Finance)

Tim Carruthers (Hall & Social Club)

Margaret Crummay 


Elected members:


To 2018

Lesley Hines

Therese Hubbard

Carol Lavelle

Miriam Moore

Rob Pipkin


To 2019

Freda Carroll

Marianne Hopkin

Priyanka Perera

Josie Pipkin 

Susana Teixeira-Damaso       

Members are elected for a period of 2 years after which they must stand down.  

They may, however, offer themselves for re-election at the annual Parish Open meeting. 

The chairman, vice-chairman and secretary are elected by the Parish Pastoral Council at its first meeting after the annual election.

We welcome new members who would like to participate in the work of the parish.  Please contact any one of the current members above if you would like further information or would like to offer your help.



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